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The longer I’m on the planet, the more I understand myself and what sets me apart from other people. In most ways, I’m pretty much like everyone else, but there is a certain way I see the world that is profoundly different.

I am organized. Not just having-a-neat-sock-drawer organized, or knowing-what-I’m-doing-three-weeks-from-Tuesday organized (although it is, and I do). In every situation, my brain starts churning with ideas on how to make things run more smoothly or what the next eight steps are to move the process forward — even when it’s not my project and not my business. I can’t help myself.

This rabid organization pairs well with my grammarian sensibilities. Not only can I plan your event or rework your office for maximum efficiency, I can also help you shape your thoughts on paper and then make sure your ideas are expressed beautifully and with unfaltering correctness. With the occasional exception for style, of course.

So if you need a little help — or a lot — drop me a line.

  • Planning: parties, special events, fundraisers, conferences, meetings, play productions, workshops
  • Organizing: offices, closets, computer files, work processes, whole homes, even your sock drawer
  • Editing/Writing: novels, memoirs, dissertations, theses, articles, marketing copy, white papers, educational materials


Rachel organized our Front of House office for the theatre. Our small room needs to accommodate many performance/nightly activities, daily and deep storage, as well as 2 functioning desk stations. Rachel’s ability to create systems and organize our workflow has increased our usable space and our productivity immensely. I highly recommend her services!
Meredith P.
Box Office and House Manager,
The Los Angeles Theatre Center

Rachel is a great editor. I have used her services several times and each time the feedback that I received for my papers had always been positive. Her turn-around time is phenomenal as is her editing skill. She does great work at a very reasonable fee. Rachel definitely elevated my dissertation to a better quality. Rachel is an expert at editing and formatting theses and dissertations, I highly recommend Rachel if you are looking for a reliable editor who would do great work.
Kay N.
Dean/Administrative Director of Research, Planning,
and Institutional Effectiveness

About Rachel

Rachel Fain is a freelance writer, editor and planner/organizer for a wide range of industries and has several books in various stages of development. She is the Managing Director of L.A. Story Works and the L.A. Storytelling Festival and writes feature articles for L.A. Stage Times. Rachel has spent nearly 20 years working in Los Angeles theater. She started as a stage manager, technical director and producer in 99-seat houses, and did an 11-year stint on staff at Center Theatre Group in production, new play development and finally education, where she created nearly three dozen play guides for students and adults.